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SanJose CMS Cloud and ERP products is a multipurpose public school/campusmanagement software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration and management related activities. It helps you manage student, teacher databases and all other activities online. This product is suited for organization of all kinds like State and Local Governments, Universities, Higher. Use it to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently. SANJOSE is created with users in mind. It is very easy to learn and use for any person with basic knowledge in computer. SANJOSE is completely cloud based. There is nothing to download or install. You can access it just like your email. It is highlyflexible and secure.

About SanJose CMS Cloud

SanJose CMS is the leading provider of content authoring software for educators in K-12, colleges, universities and professional development programs. SJS Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most flexible way to create and manage eLearning content for delivery inside or outside of your institution’s learning management system (LMS). Educators, instructional designers and curriculum developers can easily create, manage, and deliver engaging, interactive, media-rich learning content that directly integrates with any LMS or website. SanJose Cloud’s learning object repository (LOR) features can support enterprise-wide creation, sharing, collaboration, and delivery of eLearning content.

Educators at institutions using SanJose CMS have said, “SanJose CMS has revolutionized the way that faculty teach.” Organizations consistently select SanJose CMS as a solution to support improved instructional design and pedagogy in both their classroom and eLearning programs, and because of our solution’s reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness. Our clients also appreciate working with the SanJose team – we are educators ourselves and enjoy working as true partners with the institutions who implement our solutions.

Our History
Founded in 2010 SanJose Systems is a privately held company located in Austin TX, USA. SanJose Systems LLC came about as an extension of the early work with learning management systems, when management recognized that although educators desire to create sophisticated, interactive content, they typically do not have the time to learn complicated authoring tools. To address this need, they set out to create software based on these principles: it had to be simple to use so that any educator, regardless of technology skill level, could use it; it had to be powerful enough that educators could create truly interactive content; and the resulting content had to be portable and interoperable for use in virtually any learning management system or on any web server. The result was SanJose CMS cloud.

In 2014SanJose Systems launched a new cloud-based content authoring and learning object repository platform called SanJose Cloud. The new platform includes a web-launch version of the authoring product, as well as flexible ways to manage, share and track eLearning content. And like the original authoring product, SanJose Cloud is designed to allow easy integration with any LMS. SanJose Cloud uses leading industry standards to ensure interoperability of its platform, and portability of the produced content – to integrate seamlessly with almost every LMS on the market, including Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Canvas, Jenzebar, Sakai, Angel, WebStudy, BrainHoney, Haiku, and more. This agnostic approach to content development and delivery ensures that institutions using SanJose Cloud need never worry about finding their content “stuck” in a proprietary format or platform should they need to change their LMS platforms or re-use their content in multiple platforms.

Capabilities and Expertise

Capabilities and Expertise

SANJOSE SYSTEMS is one of the fastest growing information technology consulting companies in US - built on very strong systems integration, database design, development and administration and application development skills. Since 2000 SJS has built a solid reputation as a preferred custom solutions and consulting partner for an impressive array of clients in Europe, Asia and US. SJS has built their Data Mart application using Microsoft products like MS-SQL Server2005, SSIS, SSRS, and MS - Office Performance Point Server in Windows environment. SJS has demonstrated industry experience in a number of industries such as:

Logistical systems
Market research

SJS is unique in offering a comprehensive solution that integrates deep expertise across multiple disciplines. Our experienced Client Services and Project Management teams lead engagements, pulling together the strategic, technology, creative and user experience skills needed to deliver a customized solution for every client. In order to provide our clients with industry leading development talent, SJS partners with leading tool and technology vendors, and actively works with its partners to build and retain a qualified team of certified professional staff in key technologies.

Committment to Quality
SANJOSE is committed to adhering to well-established international standards (ISO 9001:2000 and SEI/CMM) and processes in all its delivered information system solutions. The processes and methodologies used by SJS in any one particular client project can be easily extended to other projects / activities for that client. Thus outsourcing to SJS can be a channel to seamlessly integrate well-tested processes and methodologies into any client's business processes as required.

SJS's Quality Assurance Group focuses on improving process quality as well as product quality. The stress in SJS is on error prevention rather than mere error correction when it occurs. On many occasions, we have been able to deliver near zero defect software. Over the years SJS's services have been used by the best and brightest of companies in USA, Europe & Asia Pacific. Our range of offerings includes:

Business Intelligence

Assessment of your environment for implementing a BI strategy.
Analysis and design of a BI initiative.
Planning and implementing an ETL strategy for your enterprise.
Design and development of Data Warehouses and Data Marts.
Design of analytic models for your organization.
Design of a reporting and distribution strategy for your specific environment.

Delivery Mechanisms

On site - at customers site.
Off site - at our development center.
Or, a combination of the above.

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