A smart choice for student information management.

Our Student Information System (SIS) works across the entire student life cycle, so you can leverage every opportunity to improve the satisfaction of your constituents with one cost-effective investment. Whether you use Microsoft® SQL Server® or any other database, it supports remotely hosted, externally managed, browser-agnostic applications for easy access to current information campus wide. It’s the SIS that keeps you in control of student information wherever it resides.

Enhance student success:
• Refined recruitment
• Proactive retention management
• Academic planning and advising
• Classroom scheduling and online registration
• Integrated financial aid information
• Course and instructor evaluations
• Continuing education for adult learners

Improve interdepartmental collaboration:
• Comprehensive, centralized data with contact information for all constituents
• Flexible, powerful eMarketing tools that provide detailed statistics on the effectiveness of eMarketing pieces (number who received the mailing, number of opens, number of forwards, length of time recipients spent with each piece, links clicked, etc.)
• Communication management tools that enable timed, pre-sequenced communications as well as ad hoc interactions
• Functionality for community-building and lifelong constituent relationships

Achieve operational efficiencies:
• Fully integrated solution, guaranteeing data integrity across all student administrative offices
• Streamlined workflow for all business processes
• Flexibility to support your higher education institution’s unique and evolving needs
• Reliable security that is easy to administer

Maximize student information:
• Student analytics to maximize student success
• Tracking from application to graduation—and beyond
• Seamless collection, management, and maintenance of student data from various input methods (manual, Web forms, batch imports, etc.) throughout the student life cycle

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